overwatch_comicOverwatch is Blizzard’s latest video game and for those wondering why this is such a big deal, especially since companies tend to release new games all the time, it is because for the longest time ever, Blizzard’s video games have revolved around their Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft franchises, and Overwatch represents their latest IP and franchise.

If you were wondering how gamers would react to the game, it seems that things are going really great for Blizzard, and even for their retail partners. During GameStop’s recent financial conference call, the company’s COO Tony Bartel revealed that sales of Overwatch have been good, and that Blizzard’s decision to release the physical copy early was a “very progressive move”.

According to Bartel, “Overwatch exceeded our expectations, and it was a very strong launch for us.” He also notes that because Blizzard released the physical copy of the game before the game’s launch led to a significant increase in sales that was also beyond their expectations. No specific numbers were shared so right now, it is unclear as to how many copies of Overwatch Blizzard has sold.

However according to reviews of the game so far, where it has scored 4.5/5 on Metacritic and 5/5 on Eurogamer, reception to Overwatch has been largely positive and it looks like Blizzard might just have another hit on their hands.

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