If you’ve used Google to search for something over the past couple of days you might have noticed that the links presented in the search results are black instead of the very familiar Google blue. When I saw the black links for the first time I immediately thought that the company was running some kind of a test, and indeed, it is, as many users have reported seeing the links in search results change color from blue to black.

Being the most used online search engine, the smallest of changes can result in a significant improvement in performance, so there will certainly be a very good reason behind this test even though Google is conducting it rather quietly.

You may not remember but several years ago, Google conducted a test to check which one of the different shades of blue users were most likely to click on. The test went on for quite some time and eventually Google found the perfect shade of blue, that test alone earned the company an additional $200 million.

Only the links in the search results have received this change in color, the link addresses remain green and the body text black. However, from the looks of it, Google may go back to using the old shade of blue as an overwhelming number of comments online are against switching from blue to black. Some even say that the links look “horrible” in black.

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