People have used drones for a lot of interesting things, things that drones weren’t made for, like taking out teeth for example. People can be very creative when they want to be so it’s not surprising to see them use products for something that they were not made to do, however, you can chuckle when you see this video of a couple of guys using a drone to fish for tuna. Last I checked, no company was selling drones for precisely this purpose.


The guys you see in this video are fishing for longtail tuna using a DJI Phantom drone. The video starts off by showing us a birdseye view of the fish in the water before we get to see the guys prepare the drone for this mission if you can call it that.

Fishing lines and hooks are attached and the drone takes flight. The bait is dropped and as the fish clamor to catch it, they get hooked and the guys pull the fish in.

It’s the birdseye view of the entire process that makes it so interesting to watch. We can see how the fish fight to catch the bait and how they try to escape once they’ve been hooked.

Do check out the video, it’s well worth a view.

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