Mars is a planet closest to the sphere we call home. It’s a planet that humans are ambitious about, that they think they will be able to make a colony on. Sincere efforts are being made to send humans to Mars in order to determine whether or not it would be possible for life to survive there. We’ve already seen countless images of Mars from afar and from the surface, and the latest that the Hubble telescope has captured shows us yet another beautiful image of Mars.


Mars is already quite close, relatively, to Earth but it’s going to come even close on May 30th. It’s going to make a close approach to Earth and during that time, the Red Planet will be within 46.8 million miles of Earth.

Ahead of that fascinating event, the Hubble Space Telescope has released a new image of Mars that gives us a great look at the neighboring planet. This image was taken on Mars 12th with Mars being about 50 million miles away from Earth.

This image puts the terrain of Mars on full display. One can easily make out the varied terrain with volcanic regions, basins, craters and large deposits of sand clearly visible. The look is topped off with white clouds in the planet’s atmosphere.

It surely is a beautiful planet.

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