From time to time, Microsoft pushes out updates to their operating system, and usually these updates tend to install themselves before we shut down our computers at the end of the day, which is fine. However it seems that for Erik Flom, a professional Twitch streamer, Microsoft had other plans for him.


As you can watch for yourself in the video above, it seems that Flom had originally planned a marathon streaming session of him playing Counter-Strike (he is a professional Counter-Strike player, by the way), when suddenly his game quit and he was faced with a blue screen which showed him that Windows 10 updates had begun installing itself.

Apparently these were “important updates” that just couldn’t wait. According to Flom, he claims to have turned everything off that would prevent said updates from installing itself, but we guess either he missed a few settings, or Windows 10 decided to just outright ignore his requests and go ahead with the installation anyway.

As is the case with a lot of professional gamers, Flom was understandably upset to have his match (and subsequently his score/stats) interrupted due to this issue and the video above will show how shocked he is as he freaks out.

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