netflix thumbsWith hundreds to thousands of shows available on Netflix, we suppose sometimes having too much variety can be a bad thing. This means that when you’re trying to decide what to watch, the selections can be overwhelming, and Netflix knows this. According to a recent study they conducted and published on their blog, the company explains how they have designed the thumbnails of shows to appeal to viewers.


According to Netflix, they claim that if nothing catches the eye of a viewer within 90 seconds, they will lose interest and then move on to doing other activities. To help make shows more appealing, Netflix found that this is largely done through the artwork of the show which helps capture the attention of a viewer first, before they actually see what the show is about.

Ultimately through a series of testing, what Netflix has found is that “Images that have expressive facial emotion that conveys the tone of the title do particularly well.” They also add, “Artwork featuring recognizable or polarizing characters from the title tend to do well.  Selecting the best artwork has improved the Netflix product experience in material ways.”

So there you have it, if you were wondering why certain shows might have appealed to you more than others, maybe it was the artwork, but what do you guys think? How many of you have been “guilty” of judging a book by its cover when it comes to picking your next Netflix binge?

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