If there is one thing that you’ve got to love about indie games is that they aren’t as restricted to what they can do compared to larger titles, in which there might be other concerns from publishers and investors who are more interested as to whether or not the game can make money. No Man’s Sky is one of the most hyped up indie games but unfortunately gamers might have to wait longer.


According to a report from Kotaku, it seems that they have heard from their sources that No Man’s Sky has been delayed and that it could now be released in July or even August. Prior to this, the game was originally pegged for a release in June, which is next month, but now gamers will have to wait a few more months, which we can only assume means that additional work needs to be done on it.

Kotaku also receive information from a second source who works at GameStop in which they were instructed to cover up the No Man’s Sky release date on posters with a “Coming Soon” label. For those unfamiliar with the game, it was originally revealed back in 2013 by a small team of developers from the UK called Hello Games.

Despite it being in development for so long, the game has received massive amounts of coverage from a variety of publications due to its unique gameplay and beautiful graphics. You can catch a glimpse of the game for yourself in the trailer above which was launched in 2014.

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