texas-greenIs it an impossible dream? No, while not all dreams are impossible, they are definitely worth having. In fact, a small city in Texas might end up winning the race of being the first in the state to fall back on 100% renewable energy, now how about that when it comes to conservation and helping preserve the earth for future generations? After all, there is plenty of potential when it comes to wind energy there as well, not to mention solar power, but no city or town has pledged to be fully renewable – at least not until now.


The city of Georgetown, which lies deep in the heart of Texas, is located just north of Austin. It is now the first city in the state to actually make a commitment to make use of 100% renewable energy, and this is not because of social or environmental reasons, but rather, it happens to be the most economical option of the lot.

So far, the change to renewables required three years of research and negotiations, where renewable energy is starting to be a whole lot more affordable at the moment to make it a serious competitor. It is important that the city is aware that there might be moments when demand exceeds the renewable energy that is being supplied, and this is where reliance on fossil fuels comes in, but Georgetown itself will be picking up enough renewable energy so that it exceeds its overall needs, and on paper, places them at net zero fossil fuels.

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