[photos] Redscarf and GMK in the grass. from MechanicalKeyboards

Have you ever wanted to share a Reddit thread on your website? In the past the best you could do was create a screenshot of the thread and its relevant comments, or maybe even provide a link to it. However if you wanted users to stay on your website while browsing the thread in question, they now can.

Reddit has recently announced that they will enable the embedding of discussions on other websites. This means that just like how one can embed YouTube videos, Facebook and Twitter posts, and so on, website owners will now be able to embed Reddit posts directly into their website or post itself.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Reddit’s head of journalism and media Mark Luckie said, “The great thing about Reddit content is that it’s usually longer, it’s more insightful, more in-depth than you’ll see on other social platforms. You’re going to get a more robust conversation.” Users will also be able to head on over to the thread directly if they want more information.

In the meantime you can check out an example of an embedded Reddit post above. So the next time you want to generate more discussion on your website, hopefully these embeds will come in handy instead of a mere link.

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