samsung logo 4It does not look as though Samsung has any plans to introduce even a single Android Wear smartwatch down the road, as this was what has been claimed by a Samsung representative. It does come across as a rather surprising bit of news, as it was just a couple of years back that Google’s I/O 2014 conference saw Samsung reveal the Gear Live, which happened to be its maiden outing where Android Wear smartwatches are concerned.

Seems that Samsung prefers to fall back on its very own Tizen platform where the subsequent smartwatches are concerned, and approximately a year back, Samsung even decided to take the bold step of discontinuing the Samsung Gear Live.

It seems that one of the main factors that caused Samsung to take this particular route is because Tizen OS is touted to feature a far greater level of battery efficiency as opposed to Android Wear. Samsung hopes that its Tizen platform will enable it to differentiate its smartwatches amongst the many that are in the market at the moment. Do you think that this is a good move on Samsung’s part? They do have to expend a considerable amount of resources in order to make sure that the Tizen OS platform works well with smartwatches in the long run, after all.

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