Image credit - Brian Williams/SpiedBilde

Image credit – Brian Williams/SpiedBilde

An announcement made a couple of weeks ago revealed that GM and Lyft would be working together to help create self-driving cabs. The idea is that it will use the company’s Chevy Bolt models as its base and thanks to the folks at SpiedBilde, it seems that the testing of these vehicles is already well underway.

As you can see in the photo above, this is actually just one instance of Chevy Bolts being spotted on the roads of San Francisco. Apparently there have been multiple sightings which suggests that the test is progressing along rather aggressively, although at this point it still might be a bit too early to determine if they are going well.

Unsurprisingly when The Verge reached out to GM to comment about the vehicles, the company declined to say anything, but we suppose given that they already did announce their plans previously, these cars were bound to show up sooner or later. GM had earlier acquired a company called Cruise Automation which specializes in self-driving technology.

One of the photos actually shows the company’s co-founder Kyle Vogt behind the wheel, indicating that even after getting acquired for a whopping $1 billion, he isn’t looking to take any breaks. According to our previous report, GM and Lyft envision that self-driving cabs will soon be able to pick up passengers within a year, or at least that’s their goal.

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