Earlier this year Sprint announced that it was ending two-year contracts. Other carriers like T-Mobile have already done this and many welcomed Sprint’s decision to move away from two-year contract pricing. However, about a month later, the company announced that it was bringing back contracts for customers. It looks like Sprint is going end two-year contracts for good again later this month.

Many carriers have already given up on two-year contracts. What this means is that phones aren’t subsidized anymore, customers have to pay for their phone in installments instead, or they can just pay the full price upfront. Sprint was one of the very few carriers out there still offering two-year contracts.

A purported internal Sprint document has been leaked online which shows that the company is going to move away from two-year contract pricing on May 24th. It mentions that customers will no longer be able to opt for this option when purchasing a device from Sprint.

It will then push customers towards other methods of payment which includes a phone financing program and customers always have the option to pay full price for their handset.

Sprint hasn’t made any sort of confirmation as yet but given that May 24th isn’t that far off, we should find out soon enough.

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