Late last year, Blizzard launched the latest installment in the StarCraft franchise called Legacy of the Void. It was a particularly important release because it also marks the end of the current StarCraft story as we know it. That being said, we expect that it will also be a while before we see Blizzard release a new StarCraft game.


In the meantime if you’re a fan of the original game, especially Brood Wars, you will be pleased to learn that thanks to a community project, a new server called ShieldBattery has been launched which will help make the game’s multiplayer component compatible with more modern day systems.

According to its creators, “I’m happy to announce ShieldBattery, a brand new server that can finally give Brood War a smooth, seamless multiplayer experience replete with all the features you’d expect from any modern game. Free from the shackles of its 90s interfaces and options, we can finally see what Brood War is like if things just work, if the system is designed around how people actually want to chat and play.”

We should point out that this is unofficial so until Blizzard actually decides to make the game compatible with modern day systems, we guess this community version will have to make do, assuming Blizzard doesn’t try and shut it down. More information about ShieldBattery can be found on Team Liquid’s website.

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