We’re not sure how many of you guys remember this, but back in the day, there were actually courses that taught people how to type on keyboards, or to be more specific, how to type on a typewriter (whose keyboard is more or less similar to modern day keyboards anyway). However today’s generation has no need for that, although that could soon change.

A new wearable called the Tap Strap has been launched and it basically offers users up a new way of typing. Instead of stabbing at individual keys on a physical or virtual keyboard, the Tap Strap is an accessory that you can slip onto one hand (or both hands) and it monitors the way your hands/fingers move, with each move indicating a letter or a character you’re trying to type.

Like we said, this would require users to relearn certain things because the vowels are tied to each tied. However to type different characters, you will need to use different finger combinations meaning that you’ll need to memorize all the different combinations if you want to use the Tap Strap effectively.

However the upside is that this allows users to type messages discreetly on pretty much any surface. Its creators have also launched a tutorial app that will help get users familiarized with the device. As it stands, the Tap Strap is currently only available to beta testers in San Francisco, but it should be commercially available later this year where it will be priced at $119.

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