Tesla is great at creating futuristic all-electric cars but when it comes to actually producing those vehicles it’s production process isn’t as streamlined as it should be, hence the recurring delays in production, and now that it has received a record number of orders for the Model 3 the company really needs to do something to ramp up its production. This first step to achieving that goal is to hire someone who has been in charge of production at a major car manufacturer: Audi.

Peter Hochholdinger used to be in charge of production at Audi’s main manufacturing factory so he knows a thing or two about keeping the production line moving. He’s going to join Tesla as vice president of vehicle production.

His responsibilities will include streamlining production and improving current capacity at the Fremont facility, he will also be developing a manufacturing program so that Tesla is able to reach its goal of manufacturing 500,000 units every year.

That’s a very ambitious aim when you consider the fact that by the end of last year, Tesla was only able to produce around 50,000 units of the Model X and the Model S combined. It’s aiming to hit 80,000 units this year and the number will go up significantly next year when the Model 3 hits the production line.

The Model 3 is Tesla’s cheapest all-electric car to date, at $35,000 it’s affordable for a whole new segment of the market, no wonder the company has already received more than 400,000 orders for the car with more rolling in on a daily basis. Streamlining production is certainly a priority for Tesla now.

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