win 10 promoted appsIf there is a reason why people install ad blockers, it is because they don’t enjoy advertisements when they browse, so you can only imagine how annoyed some people can get when there are ads within their operating system itself, like in the case of Windows 10 and its Start Menu with promoted apps.

Unfortunately it seems that despite it being one of the features that users have lambasted Microsoft for, the company is actually going ahead and expanding the number of promoted apps that will be displayed. As it stands only 5 apps are displayed, but according to recent Microsoft presentation slides, that number is expected to double to 10.

This will be part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which is expected to be released this summer. Now we should highlight the fact that while these are promoted apps and in turn are something like an advertisement, they won’t really hinder your Windows 10 experience. In fact you might not even notice it at all.

Users will also be able to remove them from their Start Menu if they wish, it’s just that they will be there at the start so it’s up to you to decide if this is something that you can live with or need to remove immediately. We’re not sure why Microsoft is increasing the number of promoted apps, maybe it’s to help attract more developers, but what do you guys think? Yay or nay on the feature?

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