xbox eliteLast year Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Elite Controller. This is a new controller for the Xbox One that provides more customization and allows gamers to adjust the controls to their liking, but its $150 price tag was a bit steep considering that it costs almost half the price of the console itself, but it seems that it did not matter.

Last we heard, the controller was selling like hotcakes to the point where Microsoft had initially underestimated its demand which led to shortages, and as if to prove that the demand for the controller is still going strong, Xbox boss Phil Spencer posted on Twitter that the company had made its 1 millionth Xbox Elite Controller to date, which you can see in the photo above where the controller has the number 1,000,000 engraved upon it.

We’re not sure if this controller will be shipped to the person who bought it or if Spencer is keeping it for himself, but we have to say that it is a pretty impressive milestone all the same, especially when you consider that the controller was launched less than a year ago. It also shows that demand for the controller is still there despite the price tag (the regular Xbox One controller is priced at $60).

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