apple-store-chinaSay what you will about Apple and their products, but at the end of the day, they are still highly coveted gadgets that usually hold their second hand value pretty well. This is why in the past we have seen how iPhone owners are usually subject to more smartphone related theft. However it seems that instead of just robbing individuals, why not go straight to the source?

That’s apparently what a pair of teens thought they would do when the robbed an Apple Store in New York last week in broad daylight! How did they pull off the brazen stunt? Turns out it was pretty simple because all they had to do was dress up as an Apple employee and no one paid them much thought.

It seems that the blue t-shirts worn by Apple employees are widely available online and for a cheap price. Angela Ahrendts was actually the one who implemented the new uniforms as she believed that it gave the store a more luxurious feel, although its simplicity also meant that it allowed these two teens to pull off a heist that saw them get away with 19 iPhones worth a little over $16,000.

It is unclear as to whether Apple and the police will be successful in tracking these thieves down, but perhaps a change in uniforms to make them a little harder to duplicate might be a good idea.

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