There are many mobile OEMs in China that have quickly made a name for themselves in the global mobile market but not a lot of them have crossed the seas to come over to the United States. That could change in the near future as one of those brands is expected to set up shop in the United States by this fall. LeEco is expected to launch its products in the United States later this year.

LeEco is a Chinese smartphone maker that was previously known as LeTV, that’s because the company also offers a video streaming service. It’s believed that it would bring the service over to the U.S. as well.

LeEco’s online video streaming service currently has Chinese and Indian content, and if it’s looking to expand into the United States it’s going to have to significantly improve the content offering to appeal to customers. According to reports, LeEco is talking to content rights holders in the country to get more content for its video streaming service ahead of its planned launch.

The company is also expected to start selling its smartphones in the United States. Rumor has it that the first handset it will bring to the States will be the Max Pro that was unveiled earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016.

LeEco already has around 400 employees in the United States and by launch, the workforce could be expanded to as many as 1,000 employees across four west-coast locations.

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