IntegrationIn many schools around the world, the chalkboard or the whiteboard are more or less standard when it comes to classroom facilities. However Dell is hoping to change that narrative as the company has unveiled a 70-inch touchscreen display that can be used for more interactive and dynamic teaching in classrooms.

According to Dell, “It offers a large touch display for collaboration, with 10-point hand touch plus two included styluses, an anti-glare and anti-smudge coating on the cover glass for easy viewing, and monitor components for clear text and images. To support the needs of teachers, it’s also easy to connect and manage, with multiple ports for plug and play connectivity.”

The display has been designed as an alternative to interactive whiteboards, and given its size we reckon that educators and students should be able to make good use of it. This probably beats big screen TVs which are sometimes used to display presentation slides, but like we said, the size and the its touch-sensitivity could prove rather useful.

That being said, the device does not come cheap. Dell has listed the product on its website where they are selling it for a whopping $5,000, which obviously means that it is catered towards professionals who might have a need for it, rather than the casual user looking for a secondary display.

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