One of the upsides of the Google Cardboard is that it is relatively easy to piece together if you have the materials. Alternatively you can always buy one fully assembled, but basically at the end of the day, it is simple to make. In fact it is so simple to make to the point where the folks at Make have decided to create an edible Google Cardboard headset.

The result is a Google Cardboard headset that is made out of biscuits and icing, which for the most part is edible save for your phone which obviously isn’t edible, and the lenses used. According to Make’s Caleb Kraft, the original idea was to make the entire headset edible but time limitations prohibited him from doing so.

Kraft wrote that he was going to try making lenses based on a mould of actual lenses and use material like sugar glass or gelatin. “I’m still fairly certain I could get something that would technically work, though it would be cruddy. However, I just didn’t have the time. I amended my ‘everything edible’ rule to be ‘everything but the lenses must be edible’”

While this probably isn’t the most well-designed Cardboard headset, it does sound like a fun project to do with your kids over the weekend.

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