Folding your clothes is a part of life, unless you’re the type that likes to walk around in wrinkled and crumple clothing items. Unfortunately it can take a while to fold especially if you haven’t done the laundry in a while, which can be tedious. However the good news is that in the future, maybe you can get a machine to do it for you.

Dubbed FoldiMate, the machine in the video above will actually be able to fold your clothes for you. Just hook it up to the machine and it will be able to fold your clothes using robotic arms. There is also a built-in steam cleaner to help reduce wrinkles in your shirts and pants, and there is also the option of spraying your clothes with perfume or fabric softener while they’re being folded.

Now it should be noted that FoldiMate’s technology has been around for a while, but apparently this is the first time they’ve managed to shrink that technology down into a size that would fit nicely into homes, and where it wouldn’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg to own. Its target price is set at $700-$850 which is not exactly cheap, but if you think this could save you precious time (time is money, after all), then why not?

The only downside here is that FoldiMate will only go on sale in 2018. The company expects to begin taking pre-orders in 2017, which we guess will give you some time to save up for it. If you’d like to register, head on over to its website, or check out the video above to see the FoldiMate in action.

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