google_maps_multipleSay you’re supposed to be picking up multiple friends to go on a road trip with and you’re not 100% sure where they all stay. Prior to this, you’d have to enter each person’s house at every stop, but the good news is that in an update to Google Maps, it seems that Google has enabled multiple destinations within the app.

As you can see in the screenshots above, users will now be able to enter multiple destinations at once. The app will then take users to the places in that order, meaning that you could pick up one friend after the other and still be able to head to your destination. It is unclear as to what’s the maximum number of destinations you can pick, but right now it seems that it is limited to four.

That being said, it should be noted that this feature is only for Android right now. There does not appear to be an update to the app, meaning that the feature has probably been enabled server-side. However it is possible that users will still to have the latest app in order to see the changes, so if your Google Maps for Android is not version 9.2.1 yet, then you will need to head on over to the Google Play Store for the download.

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