Right now there seems to be a surge in teaching materials that aims to teach younger children how to code. This might range from online classes, to apps, and even toys that are aimed to capture the younger market where playing with toys might be a better way of getting them interested.

Now earlier this month a series of toys called Osmo Coding was launched. This basically made use of building blocks to piece together code that would enable their character on the tablet to move and perform actions. Now it looks like Google has created something similar and has announced their latest educational efforts in the form of Project Bloks.

However instead of these blocks being the end product, Google has instead created a framework that hopes to inspire designers, developers, and researchers to come up with interesting ways of using these blocks to encourage children to learn coding. Google is hoping that instead of more traditional methods of learning, the use of physical blocks will enable kids who haven’t learnt to read yet get into the subject.

It also allows for children and educators to work together on something more tangible than just lines of code on the screen. We have to say that it sounds like a lot of fun and we can’t wait to see what developers will be able to come up with.

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