sign-on-nintendo-company-hqNintendo announced not too long ago that they would be releasing the Nintendo NX come March 2017. This is slightly later than many had expected, which was a release this year, but we guess Nintendo is still working things out. However according to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, Nintendo could very well miss that date as well.


According to Pachter, he claims that Nintendo might not be anywhere near ready. He suggests that if Nintendo was ready with the NX, they’d at least have something to show for it during E3. That being said, it should be noted that while Nintendo did not show off anything during E3, the company later stated that details of the NX will be revealed this fall.

Pachter suggests that if the fall reports do come true, then he believes that Nintendo will probably make its March 2017 deadline, otherwise he is pessimistic that the NX could be released as promised. The analyst goes on to offer his predictions regarding Sony’s PS4 Neo console, which he thinks will be launched in 2017 as well.

This contradicts an earlier rumor that suggested that Sony might beat Microsoft to the market by releasing their console this year, but Pachter believes that a March-summer 2017 timeframe is more realistic. Of course this should be taken with a grain of salt since these are just the opinions of an analyst and not actual facts released by Nintendo, but perhaps they could be worth keeping an eye on anyway.

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