polaroid action cam shot glassHow many of you guys have gone out drinking and wake up the next day not remembering what happened the previous night, or you even got home for that matter? Chances are there are probably a few of you, and now it seems like there is an accessory that might be able to help you remember just what happened.

As you can see in the photo above, these are shot glasses and at the bottom there is a Polaroid Cube action camera. For those unfamiliar with the camera, it was released in 2014 and basically it is a small cube that’s meant to be lightweight and pocketable and compete with the likes of GoPro, although safe to say that it never really quite took off the same way.

That being said, these shot glasses have been designed for the Cube in which there is a hollowed out area at the bottom where the Cube camera will go in. Given the nature of the Cube’s design, this allows you to orient the lens anyway you want. You can have it pointed upwards inside the drink so you can see yourself drink, or you can have it point out towards the sides, or even downwards if that’s what you prefer.

Theses shot glasses are actually from Polaroid themselves so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting properly. They are priced at around $15 so head on over to Amazon if you’d like to get your hands on a couple of them for your next party.

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