While in this day and age, a lot of cameras were designed to capture digital photos have them stored on computers, there are still companies out there such as Fujifilm and Polaroid who are still pushing film and features like on-the-spot printing. If you do enjoy the process, then you’ll be interested to learn that Polaroid Originals has launched its latest instant camera: the OneStep+.

Designed to be the successor to the OneStep 2 that was launched last year, the OneStep+ comes with some upgrades of its own. One of those key differences is the support for Bluetooth, meaning that it can be paired with a smartphone or tablet and users can then use the Polaroid Originals app to take photos remotely, as well as access different modes.

According to the company, “Discover double exposure and light painting features, plus next-level control with remote trigger and manual mode.” The camera itself will also feature a secondary portrait lens, a flash unit, and a rechargeable battery that users can connect a micro USB cable to the camera to charge it.

Just like the OneStep 2, the OneStep+ will use the company’s i-Type film. Each cartridge of the i-Type film will contain 8 shots and is priced at $16 per cartridge. This means that unlike digital cameras where you can go snap crazy, you’ll probably want to be more careful with your shots otherwise it could get rather expensive. The OneStep+ is now available for purchase for $160 via Polaroid Originals’ website.

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