The thing about cameras these days is that they’re pretty much all digital, meaning that you can retake photos as many times as you like, and there is no longer such as thing as wasting film. However there is a certain nostalgic charm involved in taking film photos, which is why to this day instant print cameras still exist.

Now if you’re looking for a instant print camera like a Polaroid, you might be interested to learn that the Impossible Project has announced a limited edition two tone black and white version of its Polaroid 600 camera. This is essentially at its heart the same Polaroid 600 camera that some of you guys might be familiar with, except that it has been reskinned with a monochromatic theme.

For those unfamiliar, Polaroid is one of the few companies that makes instant print cameras alongside companies like Fujifilm (who recently launched the SQUARE SQ10 which combines film and digital together) and Leica (who also got into the game with the Leica Sofort). Users will need to purchase film packs in order to print out the photos, which in the case of the Polaroid 600 will use the Impossible 600 type instant film. The camera is available for purchase where it is priced at €149.

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