samsung-fingerprint-scanner-backFor now the majority of smartphone designs we’ve seen have placed the phone’s fingerprint sensor on the front where the home button is, or on the middle towards the upper middle portion of the handset. However it seems that Samsung could be exploring possible alternatives, thanks to recently discovered patents.

As you can see in the image above, one of the possible designs that Samsung has considered is by placing the fingerprint sensor on the back part of the phone at the top of the handset. The idea behind that users will be able to unlock their device by holding their phone with their finger coming around from the back to activate the sensor.

Another design that Samsung has come up with suggests a more iPhone-like sensor where it features a larger area space. Right now Samsung’s sensors involve users swiping their finger across the sensor, whereas iPhone users can unlock their devices just by holding their finger on top of the sensor.

We suppose ultimately it’s up to the user to decide which design suits them better, but since these are patents there’s really no telling if and when Samsung will make it a reality, but in the meantime, which of the two designs would you prefer? Or would you prefer something a little more different like what Sony did with their more recent handsets?

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