You might have come across Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign. Apple promotes the photography credentials of its iPhones with this campaign, it picks out some of the best pictures that have been taken with an iPhone and then showcases them in all their glory. Samsung has responded to that campaign but instead of using still pictures it has gone with 4K Ultra HD video.

Samsung released the first clip from its “Captured on Galaxy S7” campaign today, as the name suggests, the clip features 4K UHD video that has been captured using the Galaxy S7 itself.

The short video sample shows just how good the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are at recording video in 4K. A few high-end handsets do offer this feature now but Samsung has made additional improvements to its camera that give its flagship smartphones a helping hand in the imaging department.

We can also see the instant focus feature being demonstrated in this sample. It’s interesting to see how the focus instantly and seamlessly switches from the foreground to the background and then back again.

Exceptional camera performance is just one of the reasons why Samsung’s 2016 flagship smartphones have done well, but it certainly is a big contributing factor to their success.

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