samsung-smart-glow-image-720x342The notification light on phones can be handy for those who want to know at a glance that they have notifications waiting for them instead of having to turn their phone’s screen on. However this isn’t a feature that many OEMs have adopted, but it seems that this could be one that Samsung might be introducing to their new phones.

Initially discovered by SamMobile, it seems that this feature dubbed “Smart Glow” is expected to make its debut on the Galaxy J2. The earlier report claimed that this basically consists of a light ring around the camera on the back of the phone that will glow when notifications are available. However a subsequent report has revealed that there could be more to this than we thought.

According to the new report, the light can glow in several different colors, indicating battery status, charging alerts, and can even assist with taking selfies using the rear camera, like lighting up in blue when the user’s face is in focus. It can also be used to tell the weather, like when the user shakes their phone, the ring will glow a certain color depending on the weather.

It could even be used for fitness/health-related activities where it could potentially be used to indicate the user’s heart rate, although exactly how this will work is unclear. Either way it does sound like Samsung has some pretty grand plans for this feature, and we also have to wonder if it will make its way onto the Galaxy Note 7 as well.

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