Sony has revealed that it’s working on a new robot that is capable of forming an “emotional bond” with humans. The company made this revelation during its corporate strategy meeting earlier today. Sony CEO Kaz Hirai mentioned that the company has set up a new organization within Sony back in April that’s focused on robotics and that this organization is now working towards a proper business launch.

There’s not a lot of information available about this robot right now but notes from the company’s presentation mention that “Sony will seek to propose new business models that integrate hardware and services to provide emotionally compelling experiences.”

Sony is no stranger to making robots. Its AIBO dogs did achieve the aim of forming emotional connections with humans to some extent, it has plenty of experience in the field of robotics so it will certainly be interesting to see what this new organization within Sony is capable of making.

It’s too soon to say right now when Sony is going to be able to show us this robot and how much it’s going to cost when it’s ready for public release. It has only revealed plans for making one at this point in time so it could take a while before we actually get to see this robot that’s supposed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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