toyota-prius-2014You might recall that Toyota and other carmakers were forced to recall millions of their vehicles over defective airbags supplied by Takata. Unfortunately for Toyota, it seems the problem did not end there as the company has announced that they are recalling an additional 1.4 million vehicles worldwide over defective airbags.


However the company insists that this new batch of recalls has nothing to do with Takata. Apparently these airbags are supplied by another company, but Toyota did not name them, an act which is apparently pretty common amongst carmakers. As the New York Times points out, it was only the severity and widespread issues that saw Takata being named.

According to Toyota, it seems that the problem with these airbags is in its inflator. Apparently there is a small crack in the welding that could potentially cause the airbags to expand unexpectedly, something that is no doubt rather dangerous if you’re driving and out of the blue your airbags decide to deploy.

Thankfully there have been no deaths or accidents reported as a result of these cracked inflators, but we suppose to avoid a potential scandal and for the safety of its customers, Toyota has decided that a recall now would be a better idea.

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