whatsapp quoteIn forums and chat apps like Skype, you can quote messages. This helps if you’re late in replying and it helps to give some context as to what you are replying too. This is more or less a standard feature on forums, and it looks like the feature will be making its way onto WhatsApp soon as sighted in the app’s latest Android beta.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the latest beta of WhatsApp has enabled quotes. Using it seems to be pretty straightforward where you just press and hold on the message you want to quote, press the reply button that shows up, enter the message that you were going to reply with, and you’d be good to go!

It also seems to work with media files like photos and videos where it will show up as a thumbnail preview which we guess helps to keep things neater. However the feature is currently in beta which means that unless you’re participating in the beta, you won’t see it until it is released to the masses.

In the meantime other beta features we’ve heard about and are looking forward to include GIF support, video calling, and voicemail (admittedly not so much since who really uses voicemail these days anyway, right?).

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