zelda breath of the wildOne of the unique features of the Nintendo Wii U is that it has the GamePad which offers up a secondary display. In a way you could almost think of the Wii U as a larger Nintendo DS/3DS where you could control aspects on the main screen via the secondary display. Alternatively you could use the smaller screen to play your games when your TV is in use.


However it seems The Legend of Zelda’s producer Eiji Aonuma isn’t too big a fan of the Wii U GamePad’s secondary display. In an interview with WIRED, Aonuma said, “We realized that having something on the GamePad and looking back and forth between the TV screen and the GamePad actually disrupts the gameplay, and the concentration that the game player may be experiencing.”

He likens this to having a poorly positioned GPS system in a car. “You have your car’s GPS system on your dash. If you had it down in your lap, you’re going to get into an accident!” The good news is that if you weren’t a fan of the GamePad’s secondary screen concept, it won’t be used in the upcoming Breath of the Wild game.

He also made a statement that hinted that the upcoming Nintendo NX could be simplified as he said that the experience of the game would be similar across both consoles. “I’m not going to create something where the users are going to have a different experience.”

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