As Nintendo had previously stated, their presence at E3 will be about showing off new games and not the Nintendo NX, and that the upcoming The Legend of Zelda would be one of them. Sure enough that’s exactly what Nintendo did because The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been officially revealed.

Now from the screenshots of the game and its trailer, this is obviously no longer the Zelda game that many of us have grown up with. Sure, Majora’s Mask might have added a “dark” element to the game, there was still a slight cutesy feel to it, and that style kind of persisted until Twilight Princess where things started to change, and Breath of the Wild is simply the next step in the evolution.

The graphics look pretty amazing and while nowhere near photorealistic, they do look pretty good and stylized. Breath of the Wild will also feature more voice-acting than Nintendo has ever done for a Zelda game than before, and there also appears to be features like the ability to change multiple outfits, wear a set of armor, cooking, and gliding, and more.

Also gone are the heart pickups from the game. Instead if gamers want to replenish life, they will have to forage for food. It also sports an open-world concept where Link is free to go anywhere he wants. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is expected to be released next year where it will be available on the Nintendo NX and the Wii U. In the meantime you can check it out the game’s trailer in the video above.

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