A lot of rumors are floating around these days about Apple’s upcoming iPhones. Most suggest that the upcoming handsets won’t have a redesigned chassis which leaves the door open to the possibility of them not being given the “iPhone 7” moniker. Rumor has it that the 2016 iPhones could actually be called the “iPhone 6SE” instead. Talk about a confusing name.

The rumor out of China claims that Apple has already had packaging made with the iPhone 6SE name, however, no pictures of the alleged packaging have been leaked online as yet so take this with a grain of salt.

It’s a bit hard to be sure of the truth at this point in time since Apple hasn’t said anything about its new iPhones. If this does happen, it would mean that Apple is merging the iPhone 6s with the entry-level iPhone SE as it makes fans wait another year before launching an iPhone that brings major changes.

Apple traditionally releases a redesigned iPhone every two years and fills the gap one year with a slightly updated model that carries the “S” in its name. That’s how it has been for the past few years but things are rumored to be changing this time around as Apple may not want to use the iPhone 7 name with a device that looks and feels like the iPhone 6s.

Still, bear in mind that none of this has been officially confirmed so take it with a grain of salt for now. Apple is expected to release the new iPhones on September 16th.

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