Windows 10 Mobile isn’t the preferred mobile platform for most people, iOS and Android has established an unparalleled dominance, which means that quite often the apps that are released for these platforms are not made available for Windows 10 Mobile. That’s precisely the case with Pokemon Go, the game that’s taking the world by storm, and Windows 10 Mobile users are feeling left out. Some 36,000 of them have signed an online petition demanding that the game be released for their platform as well.


The petition calls on Pokemon Go developer Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company to develop and release a version of this popular game for Windows 10 Mobile. It has more than 36,000 signatures as of this writing and is likely to get much more over the coming days.

Even though the petition is getting a lot of support online, the team behind Pokemon Go are not obliged to create a Windows 10 Mobile version, or even respond to these calls. The fact remains that it’s not financially viable for them to take such a big step for a platform that doesn’t appear to have a great future in the global smartphone market, which is why Pokemon Go wasn’t created for Windows 10 Mobile in the first place.

Those who really want to play only have one option and that’s to change phones and switch to an Android or an iOS device, otherwise, they can keep on holding to the hope that Pokemon Go will be released for Windows 10 Mobile even though it’s highly unlikely that it will ever happen.

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