tsa-lockIt is no secret that the security lines at airports are getting longer, meaning that passengers will need to get to the airport way ahead of time if they hope to catch their flight. This is largely due to the fact that humans are still being used to screen passengers, meaning that sometimes they can work slowly.

However American Airlines is hoping to change that and they have announced that they will soon begin testing an automated system that will help speed up the security screening process at airports. How this works is that they will deploy the use of RFID tags for bins, cameras that can link a photo of a bag to its X-ray, conveyor belts, and systems that can isolate risky bags without disrupting the flow.

They will also use CT scans for carry-on luggage whereas previously such scans were only used for checked-in luggage. This means that passengers will be able to keep their items within their bags, such as laptops and liquids, thus saving them time from having to remove them and put them back, all of which will add up to a longer queue.

The tests will be conducted on a small scale at first and will only apply to American Airlines hubs at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Miami.

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