xbox liveGamers come from all walks of life. Some gamers aren’t as fortunate as others and might be disabled, and now it looks like Microsoft will soon let disabled gamers better represent themselves on Xbox Live. Now you know that Xbox Live has support for avatars, which for the most part feature characters who aren’t disabled.

This has been noticed by some gamers who then brought up the idea of creating a petition to ask Microsoft to consider creating avatars to represent disabled gamers. The good news is that Microsoft has heard you guys loud and clear. In a recent tweet by Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, he acknowledged the lack of such avatars on Xbox Live and that they will be adding options soon.

It seems that this is something that gamers have been asking Microsoft for since 2008 ever since the Xbox 360, so it is odd that it has taken Microsoft this long before they are finally getting back to gamers on this, but we suppose better late than never, right? It’s also a good sign as it shows that Microsoft are listening to their fans.

Unfortunately Spencer did not state when exactly these avatars will be going live, so we guess gamers will just have to wait for it, which hopefully won’t take too long.

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