blackberry classicAccording to the rumors, BlackBerry is working on at least 3 new Android handsets. From what we can tell, it certainly sounds like the Canadian company has fully embraced the Android operating system, which some have taken to mean that moving forward we shouldn’t expect BB10 devices anymore.

However the good news for fans of BB10 is that BlackBerry isn’t discounting it just yet. Speaking to Bloomberg, BlackBerry’s COO Marty Beard was quoted as saying, “We are absolutely not backing away from BB10. The company’s never said that we would not build another BB10 device.”

We suppose technically that is true as BlackBerry has never said that they would give up on BB10. However with the rumors suggesting multiple Android devices in the works, we have to wonder where they will find the time to launch BB10 devices. This year’s portfolio is looking a bit full so for all we know, it may only be 2017 that we could see a BB10 handset.

In the meantime BlackBerry has discontinued at least one of its BB10 handsets, the BlackBerry Classic, although at the same time the company has reassured its customers that the keyboard isn’t going anywhere, although we’re not sure if that is in reference to future BB10 handsets similar to the Classic, or if we can expect a Classic-like handset with Android running on it.

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