Have you ever wanted to get in touch with The Donald? You’ll get your chance this Wednesday as the Republican presidential nominee is going to be hosting an Ask-Me-Anything session on Reddit. It’s going to be very interesting to say the at least, not to mention the fact that the AMA has been scheduled around the same time that things start picking up at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.


If you don’t know how AMA sessions work, basically the person conducting the AMA allows Reddit users to ask him or her anything. They are obviously not bound to answer every question that’s asked, they can pick and choose, and that’s certainly what Trump is going to be doing.

Reddit users have a long history of taking people conducting AMAs to task so you can expect users to ask Trump some tough questions about many of his positions, but given that the presidential nominee has come this far along since starting his campaign, it goes without saying that he’ll have an army of people on hand to help him out with the answers.

If you’re interested in asking a question or just want to read what Reddit users ask the man who could be the next POTUS, log into Reddit at 6:30 PM ET this Wednesday.

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