drone_boatSo in the past we have seen how some thieves have been caught with stolen electronics by tracking the device using features like Find My iPhone/iPad and so on. Recently it seems that a group of teenagers successfully managed to foil an attempt to steal a boat using a DJI Phantom drone.


How did this happen? According to one of the teens, Chris Harris who spoke to ABC News, they were staying at their family’s vacation home and had tied their boat to a buoy. When they woke up the next day, they heard motorboat sounds and when they looked out their window, they realized that it was their boat that was being driven off.

This is when he took out his DJI Phantom drone that was given to him by his parents as a graduation present. He then used the drone to track the boat as far as it let him, but eventually lost the suspects. However the footage he retrieved was enough for the police to figure out where they were headed, and where they waited and managed to arrest both the suspects when they docked.

Now we have heard of how some drones in the past have caused quite a bit of nuisance to law enforcement and emergency services, but in this case, it looks like the drone actually managed to do some good.

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