facebook live landscapeWith Facebook Live, users can comment and react to live streams, which can also be viewed by the broadcaster. In most cases, broadcasters don’t mind the comments and reactions as it lets them know what viewers are thinking, or it lets them respond to any questions viewers might have during the stream.

However sometimes the comments and reactions can be a bit distracting, depending on what is the theme of the broadcast. Prior to this broadcasters couldn’t really do anything about it, at least until now where Facebook has made some changes that will now allow users to block reactions and comments from appearing on live streams.

In addition to blocking reactions and comments, broadcasters can now broadcast in full screen, and can choose between landscape or portrait mode. Oddly enough this option of portrait or landscape is only for iOS as Android devices will only be getting landscape mode later this summer, but in the meantime both platforms will be able to take advantage of the full screen feature. Streamers are also able to stream for extended periods of time, up to 4 hours per session.

The update should be finding its way to users starting today, but Facebook will be rolling out slowly over the course of the next few days/weeks, so if you don’t see it yet, don’t worry as it should find its way to you eventually.

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