galaxy-s7-active-1For a phone that has been touted as being the ideal phone or active users, it seems that during the course of being tested, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active was not as water-resistant as we would have thought. The company had claimed back then that they would look into the matter, although they also stated that there is a chance it could have been a bad batch.

That being said, it seems that Samsung has since identified the problem, whatever it was, and has fixed it. This means that future Galaxy S7 Active handsets should no longer be faced with the same problem. This is according to an update from Consumer Reports who claims that a PR manager for Samsung, Phil Berne, got in touch with them to update them on the situation.

Apparently the problem was in the production line that Samsung managed to address, but unfortunately it seems that the company declined to provide details on what that problem is. Berne also stated that the number of devices affected by this issue is “tiny” compared to the number of Galaxy S7 Active handsets they’ve sold.

This means that whatever the problem is, it was not as big as we had initially thought and that it does appear to be a “bad batch” as Samsung had previously stated. In any case for those who are considering the handset, perhaps now your mind can be at ease when purchasing it.

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