Image credit - かげきだん ゆ

Image credit – かげきだん ゆ

Given the number of accidents and incidents related to Pokemon GO, we have stated it several times that there is a time and a place to play the game, and that your safety and consideration of others should not be given a lower priority just to catch Pokemon. This is why it did not come as a surprise that there are some places that have banned the game on its premises.

However what was surprising is how some places have actually welcomed players with open arms, like a temple in Kyoto, Japan where they actually provided gamers with chargers for their phone. Now it looks like over in Germany, the Mayor of Dusseldorf has actually closed a bridge to allow Pokemon GO players to play in safety.

So why the bridge? The Girardet bridge is apparently a hot spot for Pokemon GO players due to the fact that there are PokeStops at either end. It has attracted so much attention that even gamers from Holland were coming down to get in on the action, but as the crowd grew, it became a bit dangerous as cars would have a hard time getting through.

This is why the mayor has decided the best way is to close the bridge to traffic when necessary, so that drivers and gamers won’t have any accidents. Portable toilets and extra garbage bins have also been provided. There are even plans to create a special bus service to ferry players around to the city’s most popular spots.

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