It is imperative for people to go out and vote in the elections if they want to see their country progress, regardless of who they vote for, it’s their vote that matters and should certainly not be wasted. Google is always keen to help out with voter registrations and it’s going to help Americans once again ahead of the presidential elections this November. Users just have to search “register to vote” to find all of the relevant information that will help them to register their vote.

Starting tomorrow, results for the query “register to vote” will bring up details on how to register, what’s required and the deadline by which citizens have to get their votes registered.

The process varies by state so if users need to find out the details for another state they can use a drop-down menu to change states.

Google will also provide information on the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Searching for either party’s convention will bring up a schedule of the proceedings, details about the nominees, a summary of the event, a list of speakers as well as live stream videos from YouTube and related social media posts.

All of this can also be accessed through the Google app on mobile.

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