If you’re in the market for a new computer, Microsoft would really like you to take a look at the Surface Pro 4. The company today released some new promotional videos of the Surface Pro 4 to highlight some of the abilities of this device. The videos showcase this laptop/tablet hybrid’s versatility as well which is often touted as one of the biggest selling points of the Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft.

These new promotional videos for the Surface Pro 4 feature Melissa Arnot who is a professional climber and mountain guide. The first promo is 30 seconds long while the other two are 15 seconds only.

In the promos, Arnot can be seen using OneNote, Windows Phone, and the digital inking feature on a Surface Pro 4. She also goes on to explain how the Surface Pro 4 enables her to be productive even when she’s at the peak of a mountain.

The promos also take a shot at Apple’s MacBook as Arnot praises the Surface Pro 4’s versatility by saying “I couldn’t do that with my Mac.”

The message that Microsoft is trying to get across is simple. If you buy the Surface Pro 4, you’ll find it more portable and more useful than your Mac. Whether or not you look at it that way is an entirely different matter.

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