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Microsoft Replacing Surface Pro 4 Tablets With Screen Flickering Issue
Over the past few months, there have been multiple reports of a screen flickering issue that has been irking some Microsoft Surface Pro 4 owners. It wasn’t immediately clear what was causing this problem, whether it was a software issue that could be fixed through a simple update or whether it was a hardware issue that required repair or replacement. We now know that it’s the latter and Microsoft has […]

Surface Pro 4 Finally Gets On-Screen Support For Surface Dial
The Surface Dial is a puck-like device powered by Bluetooth that can display contextual radial menus on supported Microsoft PCs that users can interact with on the display itself. It’s part of Microsoft’s push to bring more creators on to its platform. The company initially promised to support the Surface Dial fully on the Surface Pro 4 in October 2016 but the release date went into 2017. It went the […]

Possible Next-Gen Surface Pro Leaked Ahead Of Announcement
When Microsoft announced their Surface series of Windows tablets, it was met with quite a bit of success as it has been a while since Microsoft made their own hardware, and many were suitably impressed with what Microsoft had announced. Now if you’re looking forward to the next iteration, you’re in luck.

No Surface 5 Coming Soon, Says Microsoft's Surface Boss
When Microsoft confirmed its next event which takes place in Shanghai on May 23rd, many speculated that we might finally see the company unveil the Surface Pro 5. However, if the boss of all things Surface at Microsoft is believed, and he really is someone who you should believe in these matters, there is “no such thing” as the Surface Pro 5.


You Can Now Buy Surface Pro 4 Without Surface Pen
Have you ever wanted to buy a Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft but didn’t because you’d rather not have the Surface Pen that was previously sold with every variant of this device? Well, it appears that your prayers have been answered today. Microsoft has started selling a variant of the Surface Pro 4 without the Surface Pen. The company is now selling this variant through its own online store a […]

Latest Surface Pro 4 Update Improves Cortana Performance
Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is a pretty robust device that provides a full Windows experience. It’s regarded as one of the best devices that the company has ever made and there’s certainly truth to that claim. Microsoft has released a new software update for the Surface Pro 4, it says that this isn’t a major update, so it’s not likely the latest Surface Pro 4 update is going to bring […]

Microsoft Shaves $150 Off The Surface Book
You don’t have to wait too long these days for Microsoft to offer a discount on the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. It seems like every other week the company is trimming the price in order to encourage people to pick up these Windows-powered devices. Microsoft has now shaved off $150 off the price of the entry-level Surface Book and it’s already offering a $150 gift card with […]

Microsoft Surface All-In-One PC Expected To Launch Next Month
Microsoft has spent a lot of time and resources to build its Surface brand as one of the best for Windows-powered devices. Last year, the company expanded the Surface brand with its first ever laptop, aptly called Surface Book. If reports are to be believed, Microsoft might be in the process of expanding this brand to another PC form factor. Microsoft is reportedly going to launch a Surface-branded all-in-one PC […]

Microsoft Now Selling Refurbished 'Good As New' Surface Book And Surface Pro 4
If you’ve been thinking about buying a Surface Book or a Surface Pro 4 and wouldn’t mind saving some money in the process, perhaps you should look at what Microsoft’s offering now. The company as started selling refurbished “good as new” units of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. You can get them at a 15 percent discount compared to the full retail price.

MacBook Air Is As Useful As A Hat For Your Cat: Microsoft
Remember those PC vs Mac advertisements? Apple has stopped making them but Microsoft is putting its own spin on the idea. It has recently released several ad spots in which we can see the company bashing its competitor’s products and the latest it has created says that the MacBook Air is about just as useful as a hat for your cat when you compare it against the Surface Pro 4.

Microsoft's New Surface Ad Cracks Jokes At iPad Pro's Expense
Microsoft has a habit of regularly taking swings at Apple products in its ads, and today it has released a new ad for the Surface Pro which puts it head-to-head against the iPad Pro. Apple recently released an ad which tried convincing people that the iPad Pro is nothing short of a full computer and some would say that Microsoft’s response puts the iPad Pro in its place.

Microsoft Releases Special Edition NFL Type Covers For Surface Pro
As the country gets into the NFL’s pre-season groove, Microsoft thinks it’s the right time to cash in on the sport’s popularity and promote its tablet at the same time. It has today introduced special edition NFL Type Covers for the Surface Pro 4, it’s an extension of the company’s relationship with the NFL where we regularly see the Surface tablet being used on the sidelines, in coaches’ booths and […]

Microsoft Is Having An Xbox & Surface Back-To-School Promo
If you are in the market for a new console and a new tablet, you’re in luck because Microsoft has recently launched a back-to-school promotion that will cover both the Xbox One and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book. However given that it is a back-to-school promo, this means that it is only valid to students.

Microsoft Highlights Surface Pro 4's Abilities In New Promos
If you’re in the market for a new computer, Microsoft would really like you to take a look at the Surface Pro 4. The company today released some new promotional videos of the Surface Pro 4 to highlight some of the abilities of this device. The videos showcase this laptop/tablet hybrid’s versatility as well which is often touted as one of the biggest selling points of the Surface Pro 4 […]

Buy Surface Pro 4 And Get A Free Xbox One If You're A Student
Microsoft is running an amazing promotion for students who are in the market for a new computer. It’s making it very hard for them to resist picking up the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 because if they do the company is going to give them an Xbox One for free. Students can take advantage of this promotion through retail stores in the United States.

Microsoft Knocks $100 Off Several Surface Pro 4 Models
Microsoft appears to have made it a habit to regularly offer discounts and promotions for some of its products, including the Surface tablets. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the company offer substantial discounts regularly on the Surface Pro tablets and it’s back again with a $100 discount on several Surface Pro 4 models. Customers who have been looking to pick one up for less have their chance to […]

Microsoft Unveils New Luxurious Surface Signature Type Cover
Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 tablet is a perfectly capable device. It sports a pretty decent build and is actually one of the better tablet-hybrid devices around. However given that there are so many OEMs making tablet-hybrid devices, sometimes accessories for them can be limited in terms of choice, meaning that covers and cases for the tablet aren’t as many compared to the iPad.

Surface Book And Surface Pro 4 Gets 1TB Of Storage Space
So, you are in the market to pick up a brand new Surface Book or a new Surface Pro 4 from the folks over at Microsoft, but still cannot make up your mind just yet as to which configuration in which you should choose from. Microsoft has just made things a little bit more interesting for such folks, by bumping up the total amount of internal memory to a whopping […]

Microsoft’s Surface Sales In October Allowed It To Blow Past Apple
Whenever tablets are mentioned, you can’t help but think of the iPad. It is used in movies, TV shows, cartoons, and etc. as being the “default” device whenever tablets are brought up. However it looks like Apple’s iPad has been dethroned, thanks largely to the fact that Microsoft’s Surface sales blew up in October.According to the folks at WinBeta, they have received a report from the 1010data Ecom Insights Panel […]

Screen Flicker Fix For Surface Pro 4 And Surface Book
It would be really something if a particular device were to be released to the market without seeing it experience some sort of problem or issue – minor or otherwise, right? Well, the same goes for the in-demand Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, where both of them have just entered their second week of availability. Of course, this has led to several users being unhappy with their purchases, since […]