overwatch new heroesYesterday Blizzard announced a new hero for Overwatch called Ana. Many had assumed she would be called Sombra, but while her name was wrong, the rest of her story checks out. She’s Pharah’s mother and she is also a hero that can heal other players with a sniping ability which Blizzard had previously teased.


However it seems that’s not all Blizzard could be adding to the game. Some gamers have spotted inside Ana’s origins story that there are two unknown characters, which some have since taken to mean that these are two potentially new characters that the developer could be eventually adding to Overwatch.

In the image above, we have Solider 76, Torbjörn, Mercy, McCree, Reinhardt, Reaper, Ana, and a young Pharah. To the right and left are two characters that we do not know of. Of course it could be a bit of a stretch as Blizzard can’t possibly introduce every character in the trailer to the game, but why put them there if you’re not planning on including them, right?

Some have speculated that maybe we already know these characters as they could be existing characters before they got older. For example the woman on the right could potentially be Widowmaker when she was younger, who knows? Either way we’re pretty sure Blizzard isn’t done adding new heroes to the game, so we guess we’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for us.

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